Groups @ 4Pointes

We believe that GroupLife is vital in assisting people to Recharge in Christ, Regroup in Community, and Return to their Call because God, from the very beginning, created us to be in intimate relationship with one another.

Here at 4Pointes, you can Recharge, Regroup, and be empowered to Return in any of our 3 types of GroupLife. Each distinct group, however, does emphasize one area more than the others.

Life Groups

In LifeGroups, our primary focus is to create a space where people in similar life stages can recharge in Christ through the sharing of life and learning of Scripture on a monthly basis.

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In EcoGroups, our primary focus is to forge intimate and authentic community through weekly study of the Word of God in small groups so that people can regroup.

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M28 Groups

In M28Groups, our primary focus is to empower people to ultimately return to their call (workplaces, businesses, schools, families, and friends) as Christ’s Ambassadors through intentional discipling relationships.

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