LifeGroups are wonderful and easy ways to find community here at 4Pointes. Like the name alludes, these monthly groups are formed around “Life Stages.” Often times, we simply need to connect with others who “understand” and can “relate” to what is happening in our lives.

For example, we want to create a space and place where single adults who are grappling with careers and relationships can connect with other single adults who are going through very similar issues. Likewise, we want to create a space and place where parents who are navigating the terrains of raising teenage kids can share their best practices and struggles. Moreover, we want it to be a space where we can grow together spiritually and specifically learn from Scripture principles that addresses the unique issues that are faced in a particular life stage. Ultimately, our hope for these LifeGroups is that through relating with others in your “life stage” and learning truth from Scripture, it will help you “Recharge in Christ.”

Here are our current LifeGroups:

Family LifeGroup
Led by Mike and Veleda Tai
For families with children elementary and older.

Couples’ LifeGroup
Led by Peter and Sung-Ae Lim
For couples without children who are married 3 years or less

Young Adult LifeGroup
Led by Bryan Hong and Andrew Song
For Single Adults

Youth LifeGroup
Led by Andrew Song
For Pre-teens and Teens…youth

Led by Jaime Cho
For Married women

Young Family Group
For Families with young children (Toddlers – K)

If you are interested in getting plugged in with a LifeGroup, please fill out the information below and we will get you connected with a LifeGroup leader.



  • Please choose according to your current lifestage